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You might be wondering about a term that's becoming increasingly familiar. VOIP sound like it could be a pretty technical acronym, but VOIP actually stands for what it is. VOIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol and it is a way that your voice can travel over the Internet so you can actually have a phone conversation with someone while you are online and using your phone line.

VOIP is not usually always available on every computer. It is a program like an online answering machine or a CD burner that gets added to your PC if you choose to add it. VOIP is especially beneficial if you need to be able to talk to clients when they call, no matter what. Instead of a client leaving you a message, he or she can speak to you anytime they call.

A VOIP Story

This is not a love story, so don't expect one. Well, it may seem like a love story but not love in that way, you know what I'm saying? I tried out the VOIP service because I wondered what it would be like to talk with people on my computer. I figured that I was already able to instant message someone and even see them if they had a web cam, why not be able to talk with them?

The first call I got when I was online that my Internet call waiting put through for me when I had the VOIP software was a client I have know for ten years. I had no idea how the software sounded and told him what was going on. He laughed and said that he thought he had finally caught me offline and was going to mention this. The software obviously sounded fine and was a viable alternative to normal phone service.

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