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It used to be that if you had a VOIP phone for making Internet phone calls that you were either very rich or a technology geek. In recent years, the VOIP phone system has grown far beyond these groups as people realize how much money they can save by making long distance phone calls over the Internet rather than using a hard line. Now, all you need is a sound card, speakers and a microphone for your computer and you can make phone calls over the Internet.

Combining the VOIP phone technology with Internet call waiting is quite powerful. You basically can use your PC as your office phone, depending on the services offered in your area. The idea behind a VOIP phone is not too terribly complicated, although it took me a bit to wrap my head around it.

How A VOIP Phone Works

When you make a traditional phone call, your phone line is used the entire time you are on the phone (this is where the need for call waiting or a second phone line comes in). By contrast, when you're online, data or (talking) is transmitted only when it is actually being used. In a sense the information is delivered in a packet rather than a long connection. So, when you are on a webpage and the information is downloaded, that information is done sending so your computer "line" is open. A VOIP phone transmits your conversation in this way, sending it in packets which cuts down on memory usage.

Using a VOIP phone "line" frees up time and space. There is a ratio that for a traditional 10 minute phone call you can make four VOIP phone calls because of how the data is transmitted. In lay terms, a VOIP phone can be quite cheap and, used with online call waiting or an online answering machine, it can be pretty useful if you can get over the fact that you're talking to a computer.

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