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A VOIP service can be used from your computer or your phone, and the costs vary depending on which service you use and how you use it. I'll talk briefly about each here and relate them to Internet call waiting.

Most people who use the VOIP service use it with computer-to-computer calls. This means that you are sitting at your computer talking into a microphone while the person you are calling is sitting at his or her computer talking into a microphone. This is the easiest VOIP service to use as it doesn't actually require any additional hardware and you can talk to someone 3,000 miles away without paying long distance.

Your VOIP Service Can Adjust to Your Needs

Say you are interested in a VOIP service so you can not only hear callers when they call you when you are online but that you can actually talk to them. With this VOIP service, you're looking at a phone-to-computer VOIP service as a phone is calling your computer. You can also decide to use VOIP technology on your phone to call other people on the phone or via computer which is known as a phone-to-phone or computer-to-phone service.

I guess the point of this section is to show how Internet call waiting can expand the use of other technology and vice-versa. A VOIP phone service may not be useful to you at all, but now you know about it. Whether or not you choose to get a microphone so you can talk to your callers over the computer is up to you, but it does make online call waiting a little more fun and futuristic.

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