What Is Call Wave?

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Call Wave is a premiere Internet call waiting and Internet answering machine provider. They company has been around since 1998 and originally began as a free service using ads to pay their costs. When they first started, the company's goal was to provide a better call waiting service to consumers at no cost when the phone companies couldn't do this.

What Is Call Wave? A Lifesaver!

When Call Wave began charging for its premium services, many people wondered if Call Wave was worth the $10 a month for the top services. I think anyone who has been bothered by telemarketers would happily pay $10 a month to block telemarketers. The addition of Internet call waiting, no longer missing calls while online and being able to save and download messages left for you are icing on the cake.

Is Call Wave working for me? Absolutely. You can try it and see if it works for you for free which is a fabulous thing. I think Call Wave has perfected its business so much that it has no qualms offering a free trial for its service because the company is confident in its product.

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