What Is Pc Caller Id?

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The concept of PC Caller ID kind of freaked me out when I first found out about it. The idea that my computer could answer calls and tell me who was calling made me wonder what was next. I remember asking the customer service people I spoke to at different Internet call waiting places over and over again, "what is PC Caller ID?" because I couldn't understand how the service worked.

I guess the reason I kept asking what is PC Caller ID is that I need to know how things work before I trust them. When I finally got the idea of what was going on with my computer and the call waiting software, I was able to decide to download the free trial and see what this PC Caller ID stuff was all about. I'll try to make you understand as best I can, but clarification questions should either be directed to a company or perhaps using the free trial can help answer some questions.

A Brief Answer To What Is PC Caller ID?

The PC Caller ID software that you download does not change your phone line at all. The only change you make to your phone service is tell the phone company to add the call forwarding on busy option on your phone. You tell the phone company that when your line is busy, calls should be directed to a number that is your Internet call waiting provider's.

Once a call is forwarded to your number, the software finds you on the Internet. In this sense, the online call waiting and Caller ID are not operating from your hard line anymore. When you are found, your PC caller ID tells you who is looking for you and you can decide to take a call or let it go to your online voice mail. You can even have callers dial the 800 number from the call waiting company directly if they want to reach you when you're online.

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