1950 Crosley Payphones

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you are attracted to the imagery associated with sock hops, pink chevrolets, blue suede shoes, and the classic soda fountain trip after school, then perhaps you would be interested in 1950 Crosley payphones. Throughout the 50's, these retro wall phones graced diners, restaurants, garages, and other public areas, bringing in about 5 cents a call. Placed in your home, the price per call depends on your phone company rates, the phone is worth the purchasing price!

There are many different styles of retro payphones throughout American history, but nothing is quite like the chrome and color of 1950 Crosley payphones. While it is difficult to find them in their pristine original shape, it is easier to purchase replicated versions which also are equipped with modern conveniences. These can include pushbutton dialing in the shape of rotary dialing, ringer volume control, and the option of making the phone desk or wall mounted.

Make a Statement With 1950 Crosley Payphones

If any room or office needs a pick-me-up, or a uniquely quirky addition to it, one of these nostalgic phones is sure to become a winner. They are perfect for young adult's rooms, pediatric and children's medical offices, and other home or business areas. This is certainly not to leave out businesses (such as diners and restaurants) who wish to add that authentic 1950's feeling to their decor.

Purchasing one of these novelty phones is a simple task. All you need is an Internet-ready computer and a credit card to buy any number of vintage replica phones online. To do so, please visit our recommended shopping site for retro phones, clocks and radios.

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