Animated Gifts

Written by Joy MacKay
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You no doubt know how excited your child might be with a character phone, but what about animated gifts? Did you know that you can find phones that will move and animate? Some phones will even talk, adding an auditory quality to these animated gifts.

Especially young children love movement and noise. Imagine that each time the phone rings, a virtual display ensues! How excited and calmed might this make your toddlers or young children?

One of the best parts of these animated gifts is their sheer novelty. Who knew that you could find phones that would seem life-like?

Animated Gifts for the Artist

One of my friends was an artist, who loved to bring movement to her work. I purchased some animated gifts for her in the past, but none she loved as much as her animated telephone. Each time I talk with her I can hear the chuckle in her voice as she enjoys the animated telephone.

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