Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

Written by Sierra Rein
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The first Black Forest cuckoo clocks were designed and made by Franz Anton Ketterer in the small village of Schönwald in Triberg, Germany. The name was derived by the Black Forest which surrounded this village, and became the inspiration for much of the natural beauty of the clocks. By reproducing the cuckoo's call through cleverly designed wooden bellows, Ketterer began a beautiful new tradition for German clock sellers

For years, the region of Triberg became a huge center for the design and creation of clocks. Despite the years, makers of Black Forest cuckoo clocks today still maintain the grace of the original clocks of yesteryear and utilize the same wood carving techniques of their forefathers. Indeed, the same inventive creativity and crafting is evident in the modern clocks sold by today's manufacturers!

How to Find Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks for Your Home

It is easy to purchase one of these beautiful heirlooms. Kassel cuckoo clocks, among many other clock companies, offers their timepieces on the Internet. With a few simple clicks, you too can enjoy the same timeless masterpieces enjoyed by generations past.

For many Germans, the cuckoo clock symbolizes the past and present of their homeland, and for the continuation of love and hope in the future. Bless your home with one of these beautiful wall clocks today! Your family and future generations will thank you.

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