Casablanca Phones

Written by Sierra Rein
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If one were to take a tour of Rick's Place, situated in the busy streets of a famous Morocco city, no doubt it would feature dozens of Casablanca phones available for its customers and crew. Of course, Rick's Place is a fictional restaurant, recreated for the screen by a film set construction crew, and so we will have to use our imaginations to revisit the famous business. However, the beauty inherent in Casablanca phones are still available for the modern citizen to appreciate in person.

Everyone at one point or another finds an attraction for the look and film noir feel of the classic movies of the 1940's. The phones of that era had a certain simple and natural grace, masculine and feminine at the same time, invoking images of hard boiled detectives and femme fatales battling the fine line between good and evil. Humphrey Bogart, in many of his film roles, can be discovered using these black beauties to talk to his fellow policemen or to get a tip-off from a mysterious woman regarding a recent crime scene.

Bring the Film Noir Experience Home with Casablanca Phones

If you are a fan of movies, or simply a fan of the 1940's look, then no doubt the phones of the modern world may seem slightly dull and uninteresting. Instead, you may yearn for the classic look of retro phones, where design and intricate details were all the fashion of even the simplest of technologies. You may have a few retro radios placed around the house and may wish to add to your collection with an authentic replica of a 1940 phone.

These are in high demand all over the world, and luckily replica houses throughout the Internet can be found to meet this demand. You can find the classic Casablanca phone as well as other nostalgic phones in stock in online store fronts, and can have them easily shipped to you or as a gift to a friend in no time. For an example of such an online shopping source, please feel free to visit our recommended site -- and remember, "Here's looking at you, sweetheart!"

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