Cathedral Radios

Written by Sierra Rein
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There is perhaps no widely recognized model of the classic radio than Cathedral radios. Crafted to emulate the soaring towers of some of the most famous religious institutions in the world, it is no wonder that families across America and Europe appreciated them for their beauty in addition to their function. Many a night was spent during the 1930' and 40's snuggled up close to the fire, listening to old time comedy and drama shows or hearing the latest news on the war in Germany.

Manufactured by the Philco company, these beautiful pieces of art and technology are difficult to find in perfect working order. Antique dealers have made it a much sought-after item! However, for the modern fan of novelty radios, equally beautiful replicas can be found that use modern electronic equipment placed within this nostalgic style.

Purchasing Cathedral Radios is a Snap!

You may have to travel a long way to find a company near your home town that sells replicas of Philco radios. Instead, why not travel light and go on the Internet? You'll find many available sources for novelty gifts as well as historically accurate replicas.

You will also find other retro radios, such as the Crosley radio or a TEAC radio from the 1950's. However, if you enjoy the class and style of the 1940's, purchase Cathedral radios for your home and office instead. For more information, or to compare different replica retro radios, please visit our featured site for radio gift options.

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