Classic Phones

Written by Sierra Rein
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There is something magical that happens when classic phones are placed in a home. No matter what style or era these phones invoke, immediately the household is transported into another time of American history. It could be the hard-boiled film noir edge from Casablanca phones or the innocent Americana of the 1950's after placing a Princess phone on a bedside table.

When redesigning a room, owners often forget about phones. They treat them as functional communication tools rather than opportunities for decoration and color. If you are considering the redecoration of a room, or if you are missing something in your current design, why not think about placing a few retro phones in it for that unique touch?

Let Your Imagination Soar with Classic Phones

Every room concept, from the demure to the wildly eclectic, has a retro style phone to match. You can even add personality and a bit of flair to business offices and desks with classic phones. The sky's the limit when it comes to making your space a more timeless, fun place to work or play.

Nostalgic phones are available in all kinds of makes and models, all featuring modern redial and tone features as well as push button technology. The ease of today meets the style of yesterday! The purchase of one of these phones will introduce a work of art in addition to a functional, modern way to talk to friends and family.

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