Designer Phones

Written by Joy MacKay
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Designer phones can change the entire look of a room. They can even tie together pieces of the room for a gorgeous, finished look. Best of all, designer phones work wonderfully, allowing you to still enjoy the function of a great telephone.

Types of Designer Phones

One of the most popular types of designer telephones is the antique reproduction look. These hearken back to the early days of telephones and antiques. They can class up any room, from an exquisitely dècorated children's room to a mature study.

My husband has an office which he uses as a library and reading room. We finally redècorated the room, with a persian rug and beautiful wall hangings. We had inherited some lovely furniture, and decided to finish it off with gorgeous antique designer phones. However, if your look is more updated, you can still find gorgeous modern designer phones. Whether your desired look is ranch style or euro, you can find designer phones that will meet your needs.

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