Eiffel Tower Phones

Written by Sierra Rein
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The history of Eiffel Tower phones goes back to the era of phone art, when communication tools became revered not only for their function but for their style. It was first created in Stockholm Sweden by L.M. Ericsson, where he sold these beautifully crafted phones between 1892 and 1929. Over a million were sold during this time, traversing the waves between Europe and America.

The first Eiffel Tower phones were initially dubbed "Skeleton phones," due to the fact that all of it's working components were visible in the design. Because of this, and due to its elegant height, many were reminded of the famous Parisian landmark. It included a crank to power up the phone, as well as a two-in-one handset, containing both earpiece and mouthpiece that could be held together.

Where are Eiffel Tower Phones Now?

As more modern sensibilities took over the 20th century in the 1950's, the look and style of the old classic phones gave way to sleeker, simpler lines (see the princess phones page on this site). However, the initial beauty and grace of the older retro phones was not lost to collectors and antique dealers. Pristine Eiffel phones can now be found in museums and in the homes of phone enthusiasts across the nation.

If you wish to put one of these beautiful phones in your home or office, the best option (both for your time and for your pocketbook) is to purchase one of many replicas which exist out there. They have been combined with modern technology, such as touch tone and redial features, to become more integrated with the modern lifestyle, and yet provide that classic original turn-of-the-century air to any room. To see how you can purchase one of these lovely replicas for either you or a loved one, please visit our recommended website shopping source.

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