Golf Bag Phones

Written by Sierra Rein
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Chances are, if you love to swing the putter every week and keep in constant touch with the latest Tiger Woods tournaments, you'll love the design and humor of golf bag phones. As unique touches to any room or office, these quirky novelty phones are sure to bring a smile to any golf or sports enthusiast. They can sit proudly on any desk or kitchen counter and be appreciated by all who come to visit.

Featuring authentic details, these miniature golf bag-shaped phones can come with genuine leather covers, discreetly hiding the handset. Other decorative choices, such as beautiful detailed zippers and clubs, adds to their charm. They are like pieces of art in addition to being functional phones!

For Christmas, a Job Promotion, or a Birthday, Golf Bag Phones to the Rescue!

Everyone at one point comes across a few individuals that may be hard to purchase for. However, if he or she is a golfer or enjoys the sport to a "t", then these goofy phones can become the answer to all your gift giving prayers. Along with novelty radios, they are one of the most fun gifts to give to anyone, whether aged 13 or 63!

Golf bag phones may seem like such a novelty item as to be impossible to find. However, with the ease and 24 hour availability of the Internet, any classic phones can be found (and often at lower prices compared to in-store purchases). A few simple clicks, and you'll have time afterwards to hit the green!

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