Golf Phone

Written by Joy MacKay
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Before I had ordered it online, I had never seen anything quite like the golf phone. My boss is a huge golf fan, and loves to hit the green. I wanted to purchase a nice gift for him, when I left the company to move across the state.

The Wonderful Golf Phone

When I came across the golf phone, I was floored. It was in the shape of a golf bag, with clubs coming out of the top. It was gorgeous and perfect for any golf enthusiast.

Best of all, it had a genuine leather bag with zippers, clubs and cuffs. It also functioned as an AM/FM radio, so that he could listen to coverage of the Masters or PGA tour. He still keeps it in his office, and I notice it whenever I visit.

If you know a golf enthusiast, you might consider purchasing them a golf phone. They will truly fall in love with it, just as my boss did. Its style and function only echo the enthusiasm they have for the sport.

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