Grandfather Clocks

Written by Sierra Rein
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Many people have no idea that grandfather clocks were named after a strange incident when an amazingly accurate floor clock, placed in the lobby of the George Hotel in North Yorkshire, England, began losing the ability to keep time. The strange thing is that it began doing so when one of the hotel's owners (two bachelor brothers) died, and that it stopped altogether when the surviving brother passed away at age 90. In 1895, a songwriter visited the hotel and after hearing the story penned a song that started "Oh my grandfather's clock was too tall for the shelf so it stood ninety years on the floor."

Since then, the name stuck for all history to remember. Grandfather clocks have endured hundreds of years of use, and are still a wonderful option for homeowners to have as a classic timepiece in their hallway or living room. For years, generation after generation have passed their Grandfather down to their kin, making them perhaps the most popular of clock heirlooms.

Begin a Family Tradition of Your Own with Grandfather Clocks as Gifts!

As with many other wall clocks and cuckoo clocks, these stately floor clocks make great gifts. These stately masterpieces can be found in several different wood stains and colors, featuring unique glass door designs as well as a multitude of number and hand styles. Engrave your family name, or the name of your friend's, and you have an instant heirloom that will make you proud every time you hear it ring.

You can purchase a Grandfather clock even if you have no time to hop in the car and drive to a clockmaker. Through the Internet, you can do your clock shopping without dealing with traffic or wasting gas, and (after typing in a bit of information) you can have your very own Grandfather clock delivered straight to your door! For more information, and to view other clock options (including Kassel cuckoo clocks) please visit our recommended gift shopping site.

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