Harley Davidson Phone

Written by Joy MacKay
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My nephew loves to ride his motorcycle, and so I got him a Harley Davidson phone for Christmas one year. This phone was incredible, and highly detailed. It was the perfect gift for the Harley Davidson fan.

I had purchased him the Harley Davidson Fat Boy telephone. Its headlight flashed whenever the phone rang! It was gorgeous, and he fell in love with it instantly.

The best part was the sheer functionality of the phone. The Harley Davidson Fat Boy phone has redial features, mute button, and you can turn the ringer on and off. The red and silver look polishes the whole thing off!

Other Models of the Harley Davidson Phone

When I last visited my nephew, he had purchased a second Harley Davidson phone for his office. He purchased the Red & Black Flame model of the Harley Davidson phone. It is sleek and fun, and even makes a "vroom" sound when it rings!

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