Mickey Mouse Phones

Written by Sierra Rein
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If one were to poll children and adults of all ages, most would be enthusiastic about owning Mickey Mouse phones. The image of this adorable mouse has provided smiles and cheers for more than 75 years, attracting millions of visitors to Disneyland and Disney World on a yearly basis. Whether you are a fan of the original "Steamboat Willie" animated short, was fascinated by the magical world of "Fantasia", or are raising a young one who thrills at Mickey's antics on the small screen, a Disney phone might just be the best purchase you can make!

Most Mickey Mouse phones portray our sprightly mouse hero as some sort of character. He may be dressed up to go out for a night on the town or might wear his signature Magician's hat and robe, ready for more magical antics. Many provide authentic Disney songs and Mickey voices, and can include animated movement once a call comes through.

Mickey Mouse Phones as Gifts for Little and Big Family Mice!

Walt Disney's little star has become a staple for family entertainment, and has created more fan clubs than almost any mega media icon. He has transcended generations, and has been the subject of many goofy phones and memorabilia! Thus, for your own Disney fan of the house, why not give her a treasure she will appreciate for years to come?

Disney phones can be found from many different sources, from the Land itself to online shopping sources which strive to make your purchasing journey easy and affordable. You can find great discounts through the Internet as well as great shipping options. To find a fantastic shopping resource, please don't hesitate to visit our recommended source for other classic phones and nostalgic items.

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