Philco Radios

Written by Sierra Rein
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Philco radios can trace their roots to Thomas Spencer and Frank S. Marr, two of five gentlemen who formed a small company in 1892. Originally designed to create carbon arc lamps, they quickly changed their name from Spencer to Helios Electric Company. In 1919 the "Philco" name was finally introduced and in 1928 the company began selling radios.

The Philco Company became one of the leading manufacturers of radios. When they introduced the beauty and grace of Cathedral radios, the company experienced a huge boom in sales. They became the most innovative company throughout the thirties, inventing high fidelity in 1934 and wireless remote control in 1938.

Philco Radios of the Present

Currently, the name of Philco has become synonymous with export home appliances. However, they are still the manufacturers of many nostalgia-themed novelty radios, featuring some of the original styles that made Philco famous. These radios are built to include AM/FM radio, cassette, alarm, and CD capabilities, making them easier for the modern age. They can become fantastic gifts for birthdays and Christmas, too!

If you have a friend who is interested in retro radios, a Philco replica may be just what you are looking for as a gift or a simple "thank you." They look smart on any desk or shelf and are considered works of art in addition to functional audio equipment! For more information, and to purchase Philco radios for yourself online, please visit our recommended gift shopping web site.

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