Pink Princess Phones

Written by Sierra Rein
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Many mothers and grandmothers nowadays remember the first time they were given their pink Princess phones. It may have been the first time they were able to talk in private in their rooms, often discussing future prom dates with their girlfriends or planning a trip to the soda fountain the next day. It was an innocent time for many women, and the princess phones they owned were a reflection of this time.

This same innocent feeling can be recaptured with many new replica phones that have been painstakingly made by companies specializing in the recreation of retro phones. Using the original blueprints, pink Princess phones are created in the spitting image of the 1959 style. They may also feature modern conveniences such as touch tone buttons in place of the rotary wheels.

Find a Pink Princess Phones for Your Home

The retro look has become a popular design option for many families searching for a new look to add to their houses. Often the look of the 1960's, with space-age curves and pastel colors, has been chosen as a great medium between modern sensibilities and the urge to create a unique swinging room. Take a moment to look at all the popular furniture stores and watch home improvement shows on T.V., and you'll see how just how prevalent the fashion is!

So, whether you want a huge overhaul of your room decor or wish to simply enhance an existing room with an item from the past, Princess phones in the popular pink color is a sure solution! They can be placed on your own bedside table, or in your daughter's room for that distinct classic feminine touch. To find a beautiful Princess phone for you or a loved one, please visit our recommendation as best shopping site for novelty products!

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