Princess Phones

Written by Sierra Rein
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"It's little, it's lovely, and it lights!" -- so was the 1959 slogan as the first Princess phones were introduced into the market by Henry Dreyfuss and Associates. It promoted a major change in telephone design, featuring an oval phone base (instead of the traditional round one), and aided the modern trend towards compact, space-saving technological devices. It was created to appeal to women and young girls across America, and was designed with graceful curves and an illuminated dial that lit up when the handset was lifted.

Our mothers and grandmothers, when asked, might still remember the color of their very own Princess phone while they or their daughter was growing up. They can still be found decorated in the original pale pinks and blues of the 1960's as replica shops continue to manufacture retro style phones of our yesteryears. Any woman eager to recreate her youth can do so instantly by placing one of these lovely phones on her desk.

Princess Phones for the Modern Girl or Woman

Even though the last officially sanctioned "Princess phones" ended production in 1994 by AT&T, there are still original style retro phones available in replica form for purchase. They provide the same look and grace as the original phones of the 1960's, but are also designed with the up to date technology of the 21st century. These can include redial, touch tone buttons in the classic rotary fashion, or ringer volume controls.

So, if you or your little Princess is interested in owning a Princess phone for her very own, contact a novelty retro phone company for help. They should be able to, either in person or on the Internet, show you a number of colors to choose from. For more information, or to contact an online shop featuring retro phones, visit our recommended online shopping site.

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