Retro Payphones

Written by Sierra Rein
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Stylish and functional, retro payphones have become a recent decor must for many theme businesses and rooms. Whether you wish to pick up and drop off an entire phone-and-booth set, or wish to hang a simple replica on the wall, payphones can brighten up a room. They can also provide a conversation starter for the next holiday party!

Payphones are an iconic American innovation, and have been so ever since the first payphones were opened, replete with attendants who collected the money and placed the calls. The first "unattended" coin payphone, William Gray, first began selling his new devices in 1891. Before the cell phone was introduced onto the market about 100 years later, this new technology provided convenience to travelers and much-needed communication to towns and other communities without individual phone service.

Retro Payphones for the Home or Office

Even if you think your house is not big enough for the large girth of a payphone, think again. There are several small, compact retro phones (such as 1950 Crosley Payphones) which can either sit comfortably at a desk or be hung on the wall for easy access. They can perfectly provide a workable phone for office waiting rooms in addition to a home's hallway or kitchen.

There is always the worry that retro payphones will not contain the same modern convenience that comes with phones made in the last few years. However, there are several modern touches, such as push buttons and ringer tone volume control, that allows you the ease of today's phones with the style of yesterday's. Other attractive details -- such as the fact that it authentically jingles when you insert a coin and that it also serves as a functional bank -- add to it's charm and functionality.

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