Retro Phones

Written by Sierra Rein
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The glamour associated with retro phones is not to be underestimated. Place one of these beauties on a desk, and immediately one could be transported to another time, filled with broad-shouldered heroes, bleached blondes, and wicked villains. Or, with a different phone you can travel to a lovely time of sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace, listening to Jack Benny and wondering when then next Jimmy Stewart movie will arrive at the theater.

The great thing for the modern phone user is that -- unlike our grandparents -- we can purchase retro phones in the original style and with up to date communication technology. Rotary or push button designs can be integrated into the classic styles of yesteryear, while at the same time providing clear audio and modern phone jacks. The best of both worlds are found in one item!

Retro Phones Make Great Gift Ideas!

If you know of someone who seems to "have it all," or if there is a friend who is simply hard to shop for, why not try a classic phone? They can be found in all eras, from 1919 Candlestick phones to great 1950's princess phones. They can be fantastic for parents and grandparents who yearn for the styles of their youth, or to introduce a young child to the elegance and beauty of years gone by.

And, because it is the 21st century, it is easier than ever to purchase retro phones from the comfort of your own home. The Internet is filled with manufacturers and online shops filled to the brim with both retro and novelty items, from retro clock radios to goofy phones. You may be able to find all of your gift answers in one place, so get going!

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