Retro Phones, Clocks And Radios

Written by Sierra Rein
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Nothing is quite like the unique touch given to a room by retro phones, clocks and radios. Whether you are redecorating your room in a classic 1940s style, or a hip and classic 1960s swinging feel, these items can be a welcome addition. Even if your room has no specific decor in mind, one of several styles of classic phones or radios will increase attention and make your room look all the more creative!

For example, everyone can recognize the grace and stylish beauty that a retro phone adds to a room. It could be a Casablanca phone, invoking the film noir mystery of Bogart's hard-boiled heroes. Or, you could place one of several vintage princess phones in your young child's room to bring about a feminine 1950's look.

Retro Phones, Clocks and Radios Add Functionality and Style

The modern style is indeed a somewhat dull and simple one. While they may have updated technology, radios and clocks made in today's fashion have straight lines, minimal colors, and no natural enhancements. On the other hand, the styles of yesteryear are much more pleasing to the eye, and are considered works of art themselves.

For fans of both technology and the classic styles, you're in luck! There are many replication houses that combine high-quality modern wiring with the original look of classic retro phones, clocks and radios. You can thus have the best of both worlds!

Nostalgia and Novelty in One Gift!

Everyone enjoys the look of one of these beautiful and functional items. They make fantastic gifts, always welcome at a birthday, graduation, or christmas party. Just make a few simple assessments regarding the receiver's needs and personal style, and you can find the right gift for him.

If he loves the classic movies of Alfred Hitchcock or if he listens to the music of the 1950's,
perhaps you should look into Candlestick phones or purchase a Wurlitzer CD player (perfect for home or office). If he loves classic radio comedy, then look into buying him a Philco radio reproduction. He will be able to sit by the fireside, listening to radio just the way his father did in the 1940's, and add whatever other retro phones, clocks and radios he wants to finish out the look.

Don't Like the Retro Look? Other Options are Available!

If you are not attracted to the idea of purchasing retro phones, clocks and radios for either yourself or a loved one, you're in luck. There are an incredible variation of theme phones and radios, from children's themes (like Disney, Spongebob Squarepants, and Barbie) to golf bag phones and those influenced by Harley Davidson. Whatever your wild imagination can come up with, there's a phone or radio for it (duck phones, anyone?).

If you are stuck as to where to purchase retro phones, clocks and radios, then you've come to the right place. We here at are here to help you in your search for the perfect gift for your friend or decorative touch for your room. Take a moment to glance through our pages here, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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