Retro Style Phones

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you are bored with the 21st century, and wish to add a touch of novelty and nostalgia to any home, the use of retro style phones is at the top of our recommendation. Whether you wish to call down the spirit of Humphrey Bogart with Casablanca phones, or want to revisit your years as a young girl in the 1950's with beautiful Princess phones, there is a design solution for you. Take a moment to look at your current design and read the following options available for you.

You may be the type of person who enjoys having an eclectic and colorful style filled with other retro-style items (including that leopard skin papasan and Andy Warhol painting), in which case almost any phone can be found to match. However, if your decor has a bit more of a distinguished quality, your choice may have to be a bit more specific. A good use of visualization can be applied here to help you decide what will work better for your room or home.

Retro Style Phones for Every Decade of the 20th Century!

Everyone has a favorite decade of the past 100 years; thus, everyone has retro style phones to match! Your favorite time may be during the decade when 1950 Crosley payphones graced the walls of diners and garages across the nation. Or, you may go past the 1900's and love the look and grace when beautiful Eiffel Tower phones were placed in affluent homes of the 1890's.

These phones can be found for the modern user, with touch tone technology and ringer options to meld seamlessly with up to date sensibilities. They can be hung on the wall for that unique touch, or be placed on office and home desks to add sophistication and style. For more information, and to purchase one of these retro style phones for yourself, please visit our recommended website for nostalgic items.

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