Retro Wall Phones

Written by Sierra Rein
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Step into any restaurant styled in the classic 1950's diner mode, and no doubt you will see a number of retro wall phones hanging on the walls. Walk onto a movie set made to look like a home in the 1930's, and you may also find decorative replicas of these wall adornments included as well. The look is classic, stylish, and beautiful and can add an air of history and antiquity to any modern room.

There are many options to choose from when considering the types of retro wall phones throughout history. If you like the idea of the "5 cent call", you may want to consider 1950 Corsley payphones, sure to be a conversation starter at your next party. Or, if you like older looks, a wooden "top bell" wall mounted phone may fit your design needs.

What to Consider when Purchasing Retro Wall Phones

Because original antiques can be expensive, and often faulty in their wiring and antiquated technology, installing one of them into the wall may be too much trouble for the modern person. However, there are gorgeous replicas of the original styles to be found that integrates up to date wiring and options with the look of olden-times. 21st century touches, such as push buttons instead of rotary ones, tone/pulse selector, and ringer controls, add ease and adjustability to the classic style.

These replicas of retro wall phones are easy to install, as they are designed for modern phone jacks and power connections. You don't need an electrician to hang one on the wall and you can see how the style of these retro phones instantly transforms a room. So, add to your home with a classic and nostalgic touch, and purchase a retro style wall phone today!

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