Snoopy Phones

Written by Sierra Rein
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When Charles Schultz first introduced his lovable grade-schoolers and their imaginative dog, he had no inkling whatsoever that his creation would give way to the invention of Snoopy phones. However, by the time he passed away in the year 2000, the citizens of the Peanuts cartoon had become iconic images for America, spawning cartoon archive books, holiday specials, a Broadway-style musical, and countless memorabilia. The Peanuts Gang became a regular part of the morning ritual and was a member of almost every American family.

The popularity of Snoopy, with his trips across dangerous Red Baron-filled air and yearnings for a full food dish, is certainly as evident today as it was when he was introduced in 1950 and began walking on two legs six years later. Snoopy phones have been on the market for at least 30 years now, and have grown in both style and complexity throughout the years. Some have added sounds and animation to brighten the smiles of children and Peanuts fans alike.

Snoopy Phones as Gifts for Any Occasion!

If you know someone who grew up in the 1970's or 80's, there is a fair chance that she owned a Snoopy or Woodstock phone at one time or another (or at least wish she did). A gift of a modern Snoopy phone can be a welcome gift for a birthday, christmas, or "anytime" occasion. This, along with other nostalgic phones, can be purchased online for discounted prices and with easy shipping options.

Schultz may have not known during his early life how popular his Snoopy character would become, but he certainly came to a proud conclusion when he retired in 1999. When his last Sunday strip was published a day after his death, it was accompanied a month later by hundreds of "tribute" strips by other cartoonists. Bring back that appreciation for Snoopy and purchase classic phones in his image today!

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