Star Trek Phone

Written by Joy MacKay
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If you know a dedicated trekkie, you can bet they'll love the Star Trek phone! Whether they're making their calls in English or Klingon, they'll absolutely adore this novelty phone. It comes with so many features that the highest-technology Star Trek fan is bound to love it.

Features of the Star Trek Phone

The Star Trek phone comes in the shape of the Star Trek USS Enterprise. It comes with a numbered certificate of historical data, even. To top it off is the Leonard Nimoy inscribed signature!

An exact replica of the Star Trek USS enterprise, these phones are astounding. When the phone rings, a red alert sounds. Combine that with the flashing warp nacelles, and it's quite a production!

With FCC and ETL approval, the Star Trek phone does not stop with these fun features. It has a redial and mute button, and is hearing aid compatible. If you know a Star Trek fan, they will appreciate this phone for its accuracy, style and function.

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