Wurlitzer Cd Player

Written by Sierra Rein
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It is doubtful that when Rudolph Wurlitzer first began his musical instrument company in 1856 he had any inkling that in the future a Wurlitzer CD player would become available to the modern consumer. Of course, the technology of the laser reader was not developed yet, but he still would have been surprised that his name transcended so many years without fail. On the contrary, enthusiasts of jukeboxes around the world now consider him the founder of the modern jukebox and vending machine.

The Wurlitzer CD player is very much like the forefathers that came before it. This jukebox is reminiscent of the years gone by when a few pennies or nickels allowed you to dance the night away at a local diner or sock hop. Just place one of these novelty radios on your desk or shelf, and you'll feel as though you're back at the soda fountain again.

Choose a Wurlitzer CD Player, for You or a Loved One

Designed with a lovely arched glass case and blinking tube lights, many small Wurlitzer replicas are made to emulate the original 1946 Wurlitzer Model 1015. They may come with glowing neon lights, percolating bubbles, and hypnotic visually patterned movement, modeled after the real thing. However, unlike it's forefathers, this piece of machinery can play AM/FM radio as well as CD's!

Thus, if you want to spice up your room, or give a perfect gift to someone you love, consider the concept of retro radios and how one of these can brighten your room. Then hop on to the Internet and buy one today! Your room, your fond memories, and your ears will all appreciate it.

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