High Voltage Dc Dc Converters

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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When the strength of a DC transmission needs to be altered to conform to a certain device, high voltage Dc Dc converters are the tool to use. These devices combine the stability of direct current transmissions with the capacity of high voltage, making them highly efficient and secure.High voltage Dc Dc converters are essential in safely transmitting electricity across a great distance, or underwater.

In the electrical transmission stage of electrical distribution, the power source's capacitor harnesses energy that has been created by an number of methods, such as hydroelectric, thermodynamic, nuclear power, or solar energy. The capacitor then releases this energy as an electrical current, once a predetermined value has been set. The amount of time that the capacitor contains the energy before transmission determines the voltage of the current. Currents that travel from a central power source to remote power consumers, must be high voltage, in order to transverse great distances without experiencing too much dissipation.

Benefits of High Voltage Dc Dc Converters

While AC transmissions are already suited for high voltage charges, their unstable nature makes them a potential hazard when providing electricity to the consumer. Even though DC transmissions were once believed suited only for powering small or portable devices, the development of high voltage direct current power allows DC transmissions to be generated at extremely high voltages. These high voltage DC transmissions can then be distributed across a great physical distance, yet remain relatively manageable, and maintain a high level of efficiency.

DC transmissions can undergo this process with the aid of high voltage Dc Dc converters, one at the start of the journey, and another one at the end. When energy is first generated by the power source, it is stored in the capacitor before transmission. The high voltage Dc Dc converter causes the capacitor to increase the voltage of the DC flow, which enables the DC transmission to cover great distances while retaining efficiency . When the high voltage DC flow reaches the home of the consumer, a second converter works in a fashion similar to the first one, only this time the voltage is reduced to a level considered safer for the home.

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