High Voltage Power Transformer

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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As the name implies, a high voltage power transformer is a device that transforms one type of electrical current into another type. These devices use magnetic coupling to alter the power form and current type, as they transfer energy between circuits. Whenever energy is transferred, there is always some degree of loss, due to dissipation. A well-engineered power transformer is designed to minimize the loss of energy, maintaining the integrity of the current as much as possible.

As electricity travels through a system, it will undergo some dissipation. The amount of dissipation is directly related to the strength and reliability of the electrical power supplies through which it travels, as well as the size of the original charge. The greater the distance that a charge must travel, the more dissipation it is likely to experience. As a result, when electricity is distributed by a central supplier, across a grid to numerous neighborhoods and consumers, high voltage provides the most efficiency.

Dual Functions of a High Voltage Power Transformer

When high voltage is employed to transfer energy across a great distance, the increased charge propels the electricity through the system, allowing it to arrive at its destination with a sizeable portion of its energy level intact. However, "high voltage" is also loosely defined as any voltage that is potentially harmful. In order for the supplier to send these "potentially harmful" voltages directly to the consumer's home, safety measures must be enacted, which is where the high voltage power transformer comes into play.

In a typical scenario, two high voltage power transformers are used when delivering energy from the supplier to the consumer. At the supplier's location, a "step-up transformer" is used to increase the initial charge to high voltage. The high voltage charge then travels through the grid at speeds fast enough to prevent excessive dissipation. The second transformer is a "step down transformer," which is located at the consumer's home. This device decreases the voltage to a more secure degree, without losing too much energy. The latest models of high voltage power transformers are capable of providing up to 98 efficiency when transferring energy.

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