Power Supply Manufacturers

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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The Power Supply Manufacturers Association, or PSMA, is a group comprised of most of the leading power supply manufacturers in the world. The organization also consists of power supply users, power component suppliers, electrical engineers, academic sources, and outside consultants. The group was founded in 1984, and has swelled in membership every year.

The Goal of the Association

The aim of the Power Supply Manufacturers Association is to increase overall knowledge and skill in the production and distribution of various power supplies. While most manufacturers belong to the organization, there are many differences between corporations. Due to the highly specialized natures of fields where electronic power supplies may be used, many manufacturers specialize in developing a pre-existing device to be better suited for a specific function.

This is especially true of medical power supply manufacturers. Medical power supplies are expected to perform efficiently under the most stressful conditions. If such supplies fail to perform during conditions of great stress, such failure will cause many problems for those who rely on them. That is why their manufacture must be of the utmost in quality.

Many medical electronic devices rely on a graphical readout or oscilloscope that is powered by photomultiplier tubes. Although these tubes have many applications in everyday life, such as computer monitors, televisions, video games, video communication, and more, it is the medical power supply industry that advances the technology. Eventually, these advances are applied to less pressing fields, such as entertainment and media.

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