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Anime Ringtones

Written by Jill Morrison
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Anime ringtones are a new addition to ringtone download options. Anime is the name for Japanese cartoons. They have been very popular through the years and are now popular in many countries.

There are many Anime ringtones to choose from. You can choose the theme song from your favorite cartoon and it is likely to be available. The popular Anime downloads are currently Ranma, Sailor Moon, and Tenchi Muyo themes.

Finding Anime ringtones

Anime ringtones can be found on various websites. Make sure that your phone is compatible before you purchase anything. Most ringtone sites will list the cell phone models that are compatible with their songs.

If your phone has internet capability, you can download directly from the phone itself. If not, you can download from your computer. Directions for this process are usually available on sites for downloading ringtones and the site for your brand of cell phone.

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