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Att Ringtone

Written by Jill Morrison
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An AT&T ringtone can be used with any AT&T model cellular phone. There are many ringtones already programmed into each AT&T phone. You can choose to use one of these or download new ringtones.

AT&T Ringtone Options

There are countless AT&T ringtone options to choose from. You can purchase a monotone or a polyphonic ringtone. Monotones have one melody line and polyphonic ringtones have "many voices."

Ringtones can be priced differently according to their complexity and popularity. Monotones tend to be cheaper than polyphonic tones because they are less complex. You can find sites with free ringtone downloads, but a site that charges for ringtones is more likely to have a better selection of tunes.

You can choose the appropriate AT&T ringtone for your phone according to your interests, personality, and musical preferences. Ringtones are available from nearly every music genre. You can choose from styles such as rock, pop, rap, classical, oldies, Latin, punk, country, TV/movie themes, patriotic, and religious tunes.

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