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Cell Phone Ringtone Downloads

Written by Jill Morrison
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Cell phone ringtone downloads make the experience of using a cell phone much more enjoyable. Standard cellular phone ringtones are typically unappealing. Downloading allows you to choose a ringtone that matches your personality and interests.

Finding Cell Phone Ringtone Downloads

You can find cell phone ringtone downloads from any musical genre. The most popular downloads are in the rap and pop categories. Other styles include rock, classical, country, seasonal, anthems, movie themes, punk, Latin, and dance tunes.

There are two types of musical cell phone ringtone downloads. Monotone ringers use one simple melody line. Polyphonic ringtones use many "voices," or instrumental parts and sound more realistic.

Ringtones can be downloaded from various websites. Some sites offer free downloads. However, the best selection of ringtones can usually be found on sites that charge for downloading songs.

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