Cellular Phone Ringtones

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Cellular phone ringtones allow people to customize the way their phones announce callers. Various special effects, ranging from firecrackers to animal mating calls, can be used to identify different people. One of the fastest growing types of rings is music.

Top 40 hits, religious songs, classic rock, and even some classical music pieces have been converted to cellular phone ringtones. Music is more harmonious than the sound of a traditional telephone. In addition, choosing a favorite song to play whenever someone gives you a buzz is an innovative way to show people what your tastes are.

Selecting Cellular Phone Ringtones

Companies that sell cellular phone ringtones do so on the Internet. On the homepage, a listing of genres will appear. After selecting one, you can browse the different songs, sounds, and effects for sale. The best companies will play previews, allowing shoppers to sample different options before buying.

One thing to think about before purchasing a ringtone is what kind of mood you want to be in when someone calls. It's a good idea to select a sound that instills that mindset in you. If you want to be in a playful mood, for example, maybe a cartoon ringtone is appropriate. Different ringtones are available that elicit a variety of feelings.

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