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Cingular Ringtones

Written by Jill Morrison
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You can download Cingular ringtones to any Cingular cellular phone. By customizing your ringtone, you can reflect your personality and taste in music when your phone rings. You can choose from classic or popular song selections as a ringtone. You can use sound effects or voices as a ringtone as well.

Choices of Cingular Ringtones

Before downloading ringtones, make sure that they are compatible with your type of phone. Cingular ringtones will generally work with any Cingular phone. However, some older models of Cingular phones may not accept new ringtone downloads. You can check the Cingular website, ringtone websites, or your cell phone manual to check on ringtone compatibility.

Cingular ringtones may be downloaded for a small fee in most cases. But, some websites will offer various ringtones for free. Often the more popular or unique songs can be downloaded for a fee, but with some searching you can find many great ringtone choices that are free of charge.

Many different musical styles of ringtones can be downloaded to your Cingular phone. The most popular styles are rap, pop, and TV/movie themes. You may want to download more than one song to your phone. Then you can change your ringtone often, or assign ringtones to different numbers that are stored in your phone. You can even assign ringtones to numbers with caller ID vs. private caller phone numbers.

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