Cingular Ringtones

Written by Adam Blau
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Cingular Wireless has a vast number of Cingular ringtones available for use on their cellular phones. As part of their "MEdia" division, Cingular has an entire department on their website dedicated to ringtone content. These ringtones encompass a diverse group of styles and formats, ensuring that your Cingular ringtone experience is filled with variety and panache.

What to Expect from Cingular Ringtones

There are as many varieties of Cingular ringtones as there are styles of music--and even more! The recent implementation of Disney soundtrack ringtones and character voices, for instance, is sure to be a hit among Disney fans of all ages. And featured voice tones from artists like 50 Cent and Wyclef Jean are certain to be a smash with hip-hop fans.

Not all phones are compatible with all styles of ringtone. To be sure that downloadable Cingular ringtones will work on your particular model of phone, it would be wise to match your phone's specifications with the ones listed on Cingular's website. Some phones are unable to play voice or music tones; in this case, a user would be relegated to downloading monophonic or polyphonic ringtones, instead.

In fact, some users may not even have the ability to download Cingular ringtones at all. Some older phones are not equipped with the downloading capabilities to access these more modern features. If users truly wish to take advantage of these features from Cingular, it would behoove them to purchase a more up-to-date cell phone.

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