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Classical Music Ringtones

Written by Jill Morrison
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Classical music ringtones offer a nice change to the typical sound of a cell phone ring. Standard ringtones can be loud and irritating. Using a Classical song for your ringtone will surely make using a cell phone a more enjoyable experience.

Choosing Classical Music Ringtones

There are numerous Classical music ringtones to choose from. Strauss, Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Gershwin, and John Phillip Susa compositions are heavily downloaded. The most popular Classical music downloads are Blue Danube and Ode to Joy.

The musical format of Classical music ringtones should be considered. Classical ringtones are only available in monophonic format with one simple melody line. They are not offered as a polyphonic ringtone which uses multiple musical parts. They are appropriate if you enjoy simplicity.

Before downloading a ringtone, make sure that the format of the download is compatible with your model of phone. Most sites will list the compatible phones with their song selection. If your phone has internet capability, you can download a Classical song for your ringtone directly from your phone.

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