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College Fight Song Ringtones

Written by Jill Morrison
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College fight song ringtones are a great way to show school spirit. They can be used by current college students, or proud Alumni members. Often, fight song ringtones will be used when a college has a winning sports team, or excellent, well-known programs. People who are proud of their school love to download College Fight Song ringtones.

Locating College Fight Song Ringtones

You can find college fight song ringtones on various websites. Some sites will offer these ringtones for free. However, to find the best selection of fight song ringtones, you may need to visit a site that charges a small fee for each ringtone download.

Websites usually provide fight song ringtones from larger or more popular colleges. Popular schools that are included on ringtone lists include UCLA, USC, Michigan, Florida State, Florida, Ohio State, and Notre Dame. These schools have popular fight songs, mostly because they do very well in football and other sports. Some of the lesser known or smaller schools' fight songs may be more difficult to find for ringtones.

Fight song ringtones can be downloaded to most models of cellular phones. Make sure that your phone is compatible with the download format before attempting to download a ringtone. You can use a fight song ringtone for all incoming calls, or assign the ringtone to certain phone numbers.

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