Compose Ringtones

Written by Adam Blau
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If you are musically inclined and would like to compose ringtones for your cellular phone, there are several downloadable applications that will enable you to do so. The applications range in capabilities and price, but the goal of each is generally the same. The programs allow you to convert a piece of music into a ringtone for your telephone.

Compose Ringtones for Fun or Profit

Ringtone composition software will essentially take musical information and convert it via MIDI (an electronic music protocol) into a viable ringtone that can be understood by your cell phone. Different programs do this in different ways, but almost all of them use MIDI information. The first step to compose ringtones is to input the music into your computer.

If you have a musical keyboard attached to your computer, you can frequently play directly into a sequencer to record the MIDI data. There are many phenomenal sequencers on the market today, including a vast number of shareware and freeware programs. Once your MIDI data is recorded, the computer will be able to translate the rhythmic and pitch information into a language your cell phone will understand.

To compose ringtones, you must then use the translation software to convert the file into a format for your particular phone. Not all phones use the same ringtone format, and some are completely unable to import ringtones. Make sure your phone is able to import ringtones before you buy a composition program. Soon you'll be composing ringtones for you and your friends to enjoy!

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