Cool Ringtones

Written by Gregg Ruais
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People who are tired of traditional phone rings can download really cool ringtones off the Internet. Different options available include movie theme songs, recognizable television jingles, and even comedic effects. There are literally thousands of selections from which to choose.

Movie theme songs make for especially cool ringtones. Hip soundtracks become etched in people's minds. Sometimes a song can symbolize an entire movie. Oftentimes, the link between music and film is so strong that people cannot listen to a song without thinking of its corresponding movie. When someone with a cool movie ringtone receives an incoming call, everyone within earshot immediately identifies the flick with which the tune is associated.

Cool Ringtones from Television

Every sitcom begins with an opening song. At first, the song sets the tone for the show, but as a show becomes more and more popular, the reverse effect takes place. The quality of the show actually influences the way people perceive the song.

If you love a show, there's a strong chance that you enjoy hearing the opening song, if for no other reason than it signals the start of an entertaining half hour. For this reason, television theme songs make really cool ringtones for anyone who has a favorite sitcom. Sometimes you can enjoy a show so much that its opening song almost feels like the theme song to your life.

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