Creating Ringtones

Written by Adam Blau
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If you are tired of hearing the same drab tunes coming from your cellular phone, you should look into different ways of creating ringtones. Nowadays, there are many options for ringtones available to the cell phone user. Between downloading and creating ringtones for your personal use, you never need to hear the old, shrill, electronic sounding rings again.

Why Should I Go About Creating Ringtones?

We've all had it happen before. A cell phone rings in a crowded space, and everyone reaches for their phone, thinking it's theirs. Or perhaps someone's "novelty" ringtone goes off, but it's the same series of squawks we've been hearing for the past five years or more.

Thankfully, there are methods today for creating ringtones of your own. Is there a song that you especially enjoy hearing? Now you can translate it to a language your cell phone understands, and set it up as a ringtone for one or more incoming callers, thus ensuring you have a unique, signature cell phone ring.

Different Methods of Creating Ringtones

It is important first to distinguish between different types of ringtones. The old traditional preset rings on cellular phones were just small programs that created a pitched series of beeps when an incoming call was received. The phone would play through the series of usually dissonant, high-pitched tones, and you would know that your phone was ringing.

Now, though, it is possible on some phones to program those beeps to play pitches of your choosing. If you are able to choose the correct series of rhythms and pitches, you will be creating ringtones that play a song you can recognize. In fact, there is software available that allows you to convert musical notes into ringtones for use on your cell phone.

Not musically inclined? It doesn't matter. There are so many people creating these programmable ringtones on the Internet that you are sure to find a song you like or recognize. With the widespread proliferation of programmable ringtones, it is very likely someone has already programmed in the song that you're looking for.

Using Recordings for Creating Ringtones

The advent of MP3 and compressed WAV technology has made it efficient for audio clips to fit easily onto cell phones. Many cell phones' memory capacity has increased to accommodate more and more audio files. Creating ringtones from actual audio clips recorded from your favorite CDs and MP3s is now a possibility.

It is also possible to use a recorded voice or sound effect for creating ringtones. Imagine getting an incoming call from your best friend and having the phone shout, "I'm calling you!" in your friend's voice. Maybe you want to hear your dog barking whenever your phone rings. With new and innovative ringtones and ringtone technology, the possibilities are limitless.

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