Customizing Ringtones

Written by Adam Blau
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People are making their cellular phones personal and unique every day by customizing ringtones to suit their personalities. Wireless technology has evolved in such a way that it is no longer necessary to use the prepackaged rings that come with your phone. Instead, it is possible to download or even create your own ringtones from your favorite sounds and songs.

Make Your Phone Unique by Customizing Ringtones

Customizing ringtones has become a popular hobby among today's cell-savvy set. With a growing number of artists releasing their songs as ringtones and an increasing number of software options for audio/ringtone conversion, the variety among ringtones is literally limitless. There's no reason in the world to be relegated to a series of beeps; let your ring speak for you.

Perhaps you're an animal-lover. How would you like a cat meowing or a cow mooing every time your phone rang? Are you a sports fan? Perhaps you'd like your favorite athlete or broadcaster announcing a new call.

Customizing ringtones can be as easy as pressing a button to download a prepackaged ring from a content provider. You can also use software for your computer to convert audio files into ringtones. However you get your new ring, customizing ringtones can be a fun and entertaining way to use your phone.

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