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Written by Gregg Ruais
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To make cell phones more fun, people download ringtones off the Internet, so that when they receive calls, they get to hear more pleasing rings than those of traditional telephones. Some people select songs as ringtones. Another option is to make rings sound like birds, bells, and many more sounds.

Download Ringtones for Self-Expression

Just as the clothes people wear reflect who they are, cell phone ringtones say something about people's personalities. You know that two people are completely different when one chooses a Jay Z ringtone, and the other opts for John Lennon. When people download ringtones, they announce who they are, or at least one aspect of themselves, to those around them. It's analogous to placing bumper stickers on cars, wearing funny tee shirts, or styling funky hair.

People can download ringtones that sound like their favorite television theme songs. When someone calls, other people hear the jingle, and they know what the person being called likes to watch. When people hear the Jeopardy theme song emanate from someone's cell phone, they assume that the person is intellectual. If the Beverly Hills 90210 theme plays, it means something completely different.

Because ringtones are so telling, they make great conversation starters. Imagine riding a bus or subway when the cell phone of the attractive person sitting next to you rings, and the ringtone just happens to be your favorite song. Maybe life doesn't always work out so perfectly (the call is usually from the person's significant other), but at any rate, a creative ringtone does get noticed. People talk about it.

Download Ringtones for Mood

Some people are constantly getting calls on their cell phones. The sound of a telephone ringing can get annoying. If you leave your phone someplace, such as in between the cushions of a couch, and can't find it, its ringing can be an aggravating reminder that time is running out. Trying to find a buzzing phone is frustrating. However, if your favorite song is playing, the situation is actually pretty funny.

Some phones give people the option of having certain rings for different callers. You can download ringtones for multiple people. It makes sense to ascribe rings to callers based on their personalities. You might program your phone to play a haunting Beethoven symphony when your boss calls. When your best friend gives you a buzz, a song you always listen to together would be apropos.

Certain songs can almost always lift your spirits. You can download these songs to your phone to stay in a good mood throughout the day. When you're having one of those days where everything seems to go wrong, hearing the upbeat ringtone you have assigned to a friendly number can be the pickup you need.

It's Easy to Download Ringtones

Downloading ringtones is easy. Moreover, some Internet companies allow you to download ringtones at a low cost, and even give some away for free. You can select as many rings as you want. In addition, you can change rings as often as your heart desires.

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