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Written by Adam Blau
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If you are looking for a new ring for your cell phone, you can download ringtones off the Internet. As more and more people are looking for unique and distinctive ringtones, there are an increasing number of artists who are writing expressly for the medium or making their songs available as ringtones. Chances are, you can download ringtones by your favorite artists for little or no money.

Download Ringtones by Your Favorite Band

Can't get that song out of your head? Perhaps you've got a song for your special honey that you'd love to hear every time he or she calls. Maybe you want to have a festive cell phone ring for a particular holiday or occasion.

There are numerous websites that will allow you to download ringtones of widely-known songs for use on your cellular phone. Some of these ringtones are essentially Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) files, which your cell phone plays on its internal synthesizer. Others are actual audio clips, such as WAVs and MP3s, which your phone plays back in real time when your phone rings.

There is even a Billboard-style chart for ringtones in some places these days. Like the CD, cassette, and vinyl record before it, the ringtone is becoming a viable medium for artists. So, download ringtones by your favorite bands, and support the arts!

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