Downloadable Ringtones

Written by Adam Blau
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Downloadable ringtones are available for those cell phone users who want variety in the way their phone signals incoming calls. Most cell phones come with a set of prepackaged rings. These ringtones are usually generic beeps and buzzers, plus the occasional remix of a classical tune.

Those who enter the world of downloadable ringtones, though, have access to a whole new world of music and sound effects for their incoming calls. Between MIDI and audio clips, you can find virtually any song or sound for use on your cellular phone. What's more, if you can't find something specific you're looking for among the plethora of downloadable ringtones, you can always create your own!

How to Use Downloadable Ringtones

The implementation of downloadable ringtones varies from cellular phone to cellular phone. Some aspects are usually similar, though, so they are worth addressing. It is also worth mentioning that some cell phones cannot accept MP3 and audio ringtones. Be sure to check the specifications of your particular phone before you pay for any ringtones!

In some cases, you will download a ringtone to your computer. You can often hear a clip of the ringtone on the Web in order to get an idea of how it sounds. In all cases, you will then need to get the downloadable ringtones into your phone. In the aforementioned case, you may be able to attach your phone via USB cable to your computer. In other cases, it is possible to use your phone's wireless service to download the ringtone directly to the phone.

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