Funny Ringtones

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Nothing is better for the soul than laughter, and a great way make yourself and the people around you enjoy a good chuckle now and then is by downloading funny ringtones into your cellular phone. When someone calls, instead of hearing the traditional telephone ring, you can hear any number of sounds sure to draw attention to your phone. Funny sounds can be cute, disgusting, and sometimes downright crude, but always in the name of fun.

Available ringtones include male and female hiccups, babies crying, and even sexy voices begging for attention. While these sounds may be commonplace, they become comical when people don't know where they are coming from. The sound of a baby crying inside a car where there is no baby can cause some confusion, and then turn to humor when everyone realizes it's your phone that's making the fuss.

Grotesque Funny Ringtones

You have to be a strong-minded person who is not easily embarrassed to download some of the available funny ringtones. Some ringtones match the sounds of people belching at the dinner table or even passing gas. Imagine sitting on the subway or city bus when someone dials your number, and all everyone around you hears is continuous flatulence!

At first, most people will try to look the other way, so as to not embarrass the person committing the "unintentional" foul. After a few rings (or in this case, cheese cuttings), someone will crack a smile, and then eventually, everyone will be in on the joke. Disgustingly funny ringtones offer the best of both worlds: the humor of flatulence and clean air at the same time!

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