Get It Now Ringtones

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Many ringtones have an electronic quality. All polyphonic ringtones contain sophisticated audio, but not all of them sound like the real songs. Listeners can usually tell the difference between tunes recreated with music-making software and studio-produced sound. Get It Now, a service from Verizon, makes it possible to download actual songs to your cell phone. These ringtones make incoming calls sound exactly like the radio.

Through Get It Now, people can download a wide variety of soundtrack ringtones. Some of the most popular movie ringtones include the classic instrumental from Rocky, the opening riff from Pulp Fiction, and the theme song from Mission Impossible. There are hundreds of movie ringtones available, and the list will only continue to grow.

Another feature available to Get It Now customers is a song-writing program. People choose from their favorite genres and write their own ringtones. They choose from various beats, mix sounds, and add effects. No formal musical training is necessary to use this product. All you need is an ear for music and a creative impulse.

Get It Now Subscriptions

Get It Now offers specialized subscriptions. Customers sign up for different packages. For example, someone who wants to download one ringtone every month will pay a small monthly fee, and another person who downloads eight per month will pay more. Some of these subscriptions come with news services on industry updates. Wallpaper is also available through Get It Now.

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