Hifi Ringtones

Written by Adam Blau
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For folks who are tired of the tedious beeps that most cell phones use for their ringers, hifi ringtones may be the answer to their problems. Hifi ringtones allow you to use high-quality original sound recordings to alert you of an incoming call on your cell phone. No longer do you have to hear a tinny rendition of your favorite song squawked out over your cell phone speaker.

Hifi Ringtones vs. Lofi Ringtones

People refer to sound quality as either being high-fidelity (hifi) or low-fidelity (lofi). When people speak about lofi ringtones, they are generally referring to monophonic or polyphonic MIDI-style ringers. These are ringtones that play through the electronic music synthesizer on your cellular phone. You likely recognize them as the "blip and bleep" style of ringtone.

Hifi ringtones, on the other hand, use actual original sound recordings as the phone's ringer. An MP3 or WAV file off of a CD can be converted for use on your cellular phone. Because the recording has the same sonic characteristics as the original recording (more or less), these ringers are labeled as "hifi."

Hifi ringtones are available through a variety of methods. You can download hifi ringtones from cellular service providers or third party content providers. You may also create your own high-fidelity ringtones for use on your phone, making the variety of ringers for your phone virtually limitless.

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